My name is Tom Carter, and I host the Conversation Dinners and related events in Portland.

Why do I do this? Getting teased as a kid made me wonder why people don’t treat each other better. The best answer I’ve found is that we don’t understand and appreciate each other. I believe that by talking face to face about real things – not the weather or sports – can help us gain some respect for each other, and perhaps treat each other better.

When I found the Oxford Muse and the ideas of Theodore Zeldin, I realized that Conversation Dinners are a way to cut through the usual “nice weather we’re having” kind of talk and make a real connection. So I started organizing them myself.

Each person is paired with someone they don’t know (at least not well), and everyone gets a “menu” of conversation topics. The topics are about you – what you’ve experienced, how you feel about it, what you’d like to do, and so on. They help lead you quickly into real conversation about important things. You can share as much, or little, as you feel comfortable with.

I hope you’ll join us.

Contact me at:
(503) 757-6800

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. roxanne cumming

    dear tom carter, please include me in your next emailing regarding conversation dinners / events. i live in portland. i learned about conversation dinners from a friend in istanbul!
    best, roxanne

  2. perry downes

    Hi Tom,
    I’ve just seen your website for the first time.
    It’s GREAT!
    Dark evenings don’t work for me unless I can get a ride.
    I’ll be there one of these days.
    With Love and Gratitude,


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