Why Conversation Dinners?

Today we stand on the brink of big change. At the edge of a new world, we are faced with an ever-expanding cast of new ideas, new technologies, new purposes and new meanings. Yet, all too often our conversations revolve around the same old chitchat and shoptalk. The changes ahead call for deeper understanding—and the Conversation Dinners were meant to inspire just that.

Offering a platform for creating real connections, the Conversation Dinners inspire participants to express what’s truly important to them, as well as discover what’s truly important to the people with whom they interact.

What do we do?

We bring together a group of people for a simple dinner. Each person is paired with someone they’ve never met, or know only slightly. Each pair receives a “Menu of Conversation” with about 25 topics of conversation. The host introduces the event, gives guidelines for the conversations, and then dinner begins.

Over the course of the evening as they eat, the diners take turns selecting topics from the Menu of Conversation for discussion – and listening to each other. The Conversation Dinner takes up to two hours. After that, there is time for you to mingle and converse with others.

Why do this?

These dinners are meant to inspire you to be a little adventurous, to take a chance, to try to deeply understand another person, to say something you’ve never said before.

Inspiration can show us how to meet the rapid changes all around us. If we listen to others with interest and respect, we may come understand each other better. Not only that, we may also be inspired to create the meaningful connections and new ideas that, in this time of transition, our community craves. Through stronger, more deeply felt connections, our world will not only be more stimulating – it can be more of everything.

This may be a small step to take. And yet just imagine where it might lead.